[Marxism] Hollywood bourgeoisie cool to Jon Stewart

Paul Gallagher pgallagher4 at nyc.rr.com
Tue Mar 7 15:41:15 MST 2006

Eli Stephens wrote:
> Louis gives us an MSNBC article which describes Jon Stewart as "An 
> admitted and unashamed progressive himself."
> I don't know where the "admitted" comes from; I've never heard or seen 
> any such admission. And regardless of what Stewart may think about 
> himself, watching him fawn over the likes of Henry Kissinger or 
> Madeleine Albright, any progressive would recognize that is isn't true.

I recall one interview with, I think, a conservative, in which he said 
he was not a liberal, but considered himself in the center.

He has several times joked that Bush was off by "one letter" in invading 
Iraq -- it is Iran that has the WMD and terrorist links. At the time of 
Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon, he asked whether Bush's Mideast policy 
was right after all.

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