[Marxism] RE: [swp_usa] To Bruce Levine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Mar 7 16:37:40 MST 2006

>Actually, everybody in academe is in a circumstance that is essentially
>peculiar to their individual position in their specific institution at a
>particular point in time.  Nobody outside of that context can fully
>appreciate what those circumstances are and are probably not in the best
>position to second guess what is or isn't the most reasonable and
>defensive ground.

Jesus Christ. We are talking about what somebody did 33 years ago.

>Everyone should also be sensitive to Bruce's concerns about not giving
>critics of the ideas in the book a chance to avoid addressing the
>material he's presented.  It is a brilliant demolition of an inbred
>neo-Con current among the Sun Belt neo-cons.  We should certainly not be
>interested in contributing anything to detract from that.
>Mark L.

Frankly, the idea that his book would be denigrated because of a comment on 
Marxmail is ridiculous. Furthermore, I don't appreciate getting a snide 
comment from a tenured professor out of the blue. Finally, Bruce writes 
letters to the Militant newspaper hailing their coverage of 9/11. If he 
wants to bury his past, he'd better start with much more compromising 
venues than this, which has some of the country's leading Marxist scholars 
on board.

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