[Marxism] The Yugoslav "solution" for Venezuela?

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As an internationalist, I have a real problem with using the word  "traitor" as a put-down. And as a U.S.-born person of Jewish ethnicity, I am probably regarded (with some justification) as a traitor both by Zionist Jews and AmeriKKKan patriots.

OTOH, agents of U.S. imperialism should be dealt with summarily whenever and wherever anti-imperialists can get at them, regardless of whether they are traitors to an oppressed nation or patriots of the imperialist fatherland.

 - Aaron

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>Thanks for posting all that info on your blog, Eli -- VERY useful and I hadn't seen any of it before.
>  Needless to say any moves the Chavez government takes against these traitors should be supported, and we should be ready to counter disinformation campaigns about how he's allegedly violating their civil liberties. The parallels to what Lincoln did (correctly) to suppress treason after the outbreak of the Civil War are obvious. Perhaps more important is what the North SHOULD have done beforehand to stop secession -- and what the Bolivarian movement has every right to do now.
>  (I know Mark L. will qualify my gross oversimplifications but you get my point :)
>  By the way, when do those SUMATE traitors come up for sentencing?

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