[Marxism] Re: Black nation

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Wed Mar 8 05:48:55 MST 2006

Joaquin wrote:

> I believe there ARE more "immediate issues" that arise from whether you
> approach the Black Liberation Movement and Black community on the basis
> of it being a national movement.
> For example, here in Atlanta there is a whole fight going on around mass
> transit. MARTA...


> I don't yet know exactly why it is or especially how to change that, but
> my gut feeling is the national question and self-determination of Black
> people are at the heart of this contradiction. That is why I am an
> enthusiastic backer of the Mobile-to-New-Orleans military veterans and
> survivors of Katrina march. Because it is an attempt to bridge that gap
> between the mostly-white antiwar movement and the needs, concerns and
> motions around social issues of the Black community.
Comment: An interesting account of the Atlanta black community's struggle
for control over the mass transit system, and analysis of the contradiction
between the more advanced social consciousness of blacks and their
large-scale abstention from the antiwar movement. But I wonder about the
leap from that to this...
> The mostly-white "left," by and large, doesn't GET IT, they view Black
> America as part of "America," when in reality it is a radically
> different place.
Comment: Is it really the case that US white leftists generally don't
understand the unique oppression of black people, and don't support their
struggles - irrespective of they consider US blacks to be a nation, as being
either in America or outside of it, or being - as is frequently the case
where internal national minorities are tied to the economy and prevailing
culture (language, schools, religion, laws, sports, entertainment, patriotic
symbols) - BOTH inside and outside of it? I find that hard to believe  -
harder, for sure, than in the case of that part of the black bourgeoisie
represented by Andrew Young - but if you're not exaggerating, it is

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