[Marxism] A Business Guide to Cuba (February 2006)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 8 08:40:48 MST 2006

CubaNews is not set up to send attachments, so we've taken
this document and posted it to the web for the information
of the public. It provides a fine overview of Cuba's public
institutions, economic activies and laws for everyone, not
those who want to do business with and invest in Cuba. 

Under the current U.S. legislation, virtually the only
economic ties between the two countries are those one-way
agricultural products from the U.S. which must be paid for
IN ADVANCE by the Cubans IN CASH. Were relations between
our two countries normalized, much more would be possible.
It would be to the advantage of both countries, in my view.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

From: Matthew D Pickles [mailto:MattPickles at hotmail.com] 
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Subject: Ernst & Young (Feb 2006) A Business Guide to Cuba 11

City of Havana,
March 3, 2006 

It is with pleasure that we have prepared this revised version of our guide
Doing Business with Cuba.  This is substantially unchanged from the version
which we issued in January, 2006.  

Following the reporting of certain statistical information, especially
regarding the balance of payments (see page 25), we considered that it was
important that we updated our report to ensure that we were using the latest

We have also tried to incorporate a number of comments, which we received
regarding the January version; notably regarding a potential re-investment
in the sugar industry reflecting recent international price rises, a
clarification regarding the status of the Las Camariocas nickel project and
further details of recent taxation legislation (especially resolutions 10
and 235) and their impact on representation offices in Cuba.

Please accept our apoloigies if you have received this more than once, we
have had some problems sending this document electronically.  We have also
prepared a CD which has been sent out to most foreign businesses /
representation offices, Embassies and other interested parties in Havana.
This CD has our business guide in English and Spanish as well as copies of
recent Central Bank and other regulation and the February Issue of Cuba
Trade News.  If you would like to receive a copy of this CD or please let us

 With kind regards, 

 Matthew Pickles
(Executive Director)
Ernst & Young Services Ltd.
5ta Avenida #2201 Esq 22, Playa
Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba
Tel:  (53)  7 204-4658
Fax: (53)  7 204-4320
Cell: (53)  5 268-9547 

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