[Marxism] Why David Horowitz is Revolting #2

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Wed Mar 8 09:10:56 MST 2006

 From Michael Rossman to me — explanation is below.

Ah, thank you so ... carry me back ... Actually, from when I got out  
of jail in fall '67 through mid-'70, I spent about half of my time on  
the road, as a campus traveler in the national infrastructure of the  
student-initiated higher education reform movement ... visited 70+  
campuses, did workshops and longer engagements on 45 or so, largely  
in cooperative circumstances with others so engaged. Having a kid  
pulled me back into town, but I didn't really stop traveling this way  
till '73.

Thanks again.  Take care,

> Michael Rossman was one of the most important actors in the 1964  
> Berkeley Free Speech Movement. He was the organizer and main author  
> of the massive Rossman Report which documented the history of the  
> administration of U.C. Berkeley (including references to other  
> campuses) in smothering freedom of speech on the campus and acting  
> as the servant of agribusiness and other business interests in  
> California. Michael once commented that it was unread but  
> effective. It was in fact our security blanket. We had the goods on  
> them—sort of a potential WMD reference manual for our side.

> Rossman's greatest interest was in campus reform in general. I am  
> sure that according to David Horowitz he succeeded only too well.  
> My own view is that the antiwar, civil rights, women's and gay  
> movements, all of which were organized on a nonexclusive basis,  
> were the strongest influences in opening up a free exchange of  
> ideas, in particular ending the exclusion of communists and others  
> from the debate.
> His message above is in response to sending him a pdf file of a New  
> Jersey campus newspaper that had a story on his campus talk.
> My message to Rossman
> Check out page 6. And here I thought that you never left Berkeley.  
> I came across this  when googling for Choice 68, a nationwide mock  
> election sponsored by Time Magazine. This was before 18-year-olds  
> got the right to vote.

> I left Berkeley in the Fall of 1967 and went to work for the  
> Halstead/ Boutelle campaign. My first task was to  get Halstead  
> added to the  ballot of Choice 68. Once he was put on the list, we  
> made this a key  focus of our campaign.

Brian Shannon

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