[Marxism] Ukrainian nationalism

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 09:27:44 MST 2006

... at the Met.
  Forwarded just in case it provokes any useful historical analogies (and for the odd opera buff lurking on the list).
  "The  story depicts the downfall of Mazeppa, who allied himself with Peter  the Great and served as Cossack overlord in his Ukrainian homeland  until he turned against the czar and joined with Sweden to incite a  rebellion, crushed by Peter in 1709.
  "Was Mazeppa a hero of  Ukrainian nationalism? Tchaikovsky follows the pro-czarist take of  Pushkin's narrative poem, which depicts Mazeppa as a mesmerizing,  ruthless opportunist. Still, with the psychological insight of a great  musical dramatist, Tchaikovsky turns Mazeppa into a flawed tragic  figure, who outrages his wealthy Cossack ally Kochubey by wooing his  winsome daughter Maria, even though Mazeppa is old enough to be her  grandfather." 
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