[Marxism] Debates about the declining American empire

Javier A javierunderground at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 18:32:44 MST 2006

I have been reading alot of the Marxist writers who have intellectually invested themselves in attempting to explain US's position in the world and its trajectory i.e. Brenner, Wallerstein, Harvey, Arrighi, Panitch, Gindon, and so on. I think these are the main contenders. Panitch and Gindon are the main ones arguing the centrality of the role of the American state as an agency altering the financial relations through out the world as a force that demonstrates that the US is not declining. They also argue on an economic level that using the rate of profit as a category is insufficient and infact the real GDP of the US economy has grown in the last 20 years by 1.99%. While Brenner argues that the rate of profit has fallen 40% between 1950-70 and continues to fall today. I have not found any material that contrasts these two categories against each other. And not being an expert on Political economy, im left stuck in the mud. Harvey reinforces Brenner explanation showing the decline of
 the dollar and the economic weight that China is gaining. But this adds another layer of complexity, of trying to contextualize the role of the dollar to the rate of profit, and again this beyond my understanding of political economy. 
  What works tie in these different economic categories? I was thinking about reading Mandel's two volume work, simply from the fact that its respected as a classic in this field. Is there any other work or answers people have have in making sense of these different economic categories and how they relate to each other? 

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