[Marxism] Dominique's comment on my blog about the 1914 Christmas truce

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 9 07:21:43 MST 2006

My father was from a small French town in the Vosges mountains, then close 
to the German border. He was still a boy by the end of 1917, when he 
witnessed something he never forgot and told us about it:

The people of the town learned that a column of German prisoners of war 
were on their way to a camp, on foot, guarded by French officers on 
horseback, and would cross their place. The locals, exhausted and angered 
by years of war, the loss of loved ones, privations, etc... had decided to 
line the streets to jeer, scream insults, throw rotten eggs at the Germans. 
But they were foiled by the mayor, an humanist, who donned his 
bleu-blanc-rouge mayoral regalia, and marched with the tired, scared, 
ragged prisoners, thus successfully forcing his people to human decency and 



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