[Marxism] Anti-Iran actions on International Women's Day

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>Subject: [Marxism] Anti-Iran actions on International Women's Day

>Anyone know more about this?
>A march from Germany to The Hague against Sharia law in Iran began
>March 4 in Europe. The call for the action is here:
>Support actions have been called in LA, SF, NYC, and Canada. The NYC
>action was initiated by the RCP youth group, the Rev. Communist Youth

The march that you mentioned was one of many protest actions across the world. Iranian women rights activist formed the core organizers of this protest actions. 

In Iran, particularly in Tehran and Sanandej Women came together to defend their rights and condemn the islamic anti-women violence.  In Tehran police together with islamic street hooligans attacked the women protesters, beat up and arrested many of them. 

I went to the rally in NYC.  About 50 people showed up.  It was a protest action against the threat of millitary attack on Iran, as well as it was an action against the islamic theocratic regime in Iran   It was a wonderful rally. I was very happy to see that there are segements of American left that care about Iranian people and their struggle for freedom and better life.

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