[Marxism] Debates about the declining American empire

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Thu Mar 9 11:59:19 MST 2006

But I think the newer literature on crisis handles this with balance, 
avoiding 'breakdown' concepts and instead drawing on the ideas of 
spatio-temporal fixes, accumulation by dispossession and the like to instead 
show *displacement* (yet not *resolution*) of overaccumulation. And before 
agreeing that profit rates have recovered since the mid 1980s, see work by 
Dumenil and Levy which deconstructs some of the financial features and 
argues differently.

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> Trying to predict economic trends is much more difficult than predicting
> weather patterns, which themselves can change abruptly. A lot of us have
> learned to be more discriminating about the "catastrophic" tendency in
> Marxist analysis, into which has probably entered a fair amount of wishful
> thinking, but at the same time I wouldn't want to bend the stick too far
> back the other way, and lose sight of the fact unforeseen storms can upset
> complacent forecasts.

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