[Marxism] Racial hysteria in NYC

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 9 17:04:32 MST 2006

On February 25, the body of a white female graduate student named Imette 
St. Guillen showed up in a vacant lot in Brooklyn. There were signs that 
she had been tortured and raped. The fact that she was a criminology 
student studying forensic investigation at John Jay College of Criminal 
Justice made this more of a "murder mystery" than the average killing. It 
was like watching a CSI episode in which the lead investigator was the 
murder victim.

Last Monday the cops arrested Daryll Littlejohn, a 41 year old 
African-American bouncer with a long criminal record who worked at the bar 
where St. Guillen was last seen on the night of her death. From the minute 
he was arrested, the NYC and national media have gone on a racist frenzy. 
Rupert Murdoch's NY Post has been leading the charge, as it has for many 
years now whenever Blacks have faced mob justice. Here's the lead lines 
from a Post article from the day before yesterday:

"A brawny bouncer with a violent history argued with grad student Imette 
St. Guillen after booting her from a tony SoHo tavern the morning she 
disappeared - and bar staffers later heard a muffled scream, 
law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

"Cops now believe that the bouncer, ex-con Darryl Littlejohn, 41, could be 
the sadistic fiend who murdered St. Guillen - as probers yesterday combed 
his Queens home looking for evidence that she may have been slain there."

Although evidence might finally link Littlejohn definitively to the crime, 
there are a couple of signs that the cops might have the wrong man. St. 
Guillen's body was found in a semen-stained blanket, but the DNA does not 
trace back to Littlejohn nor does the skin found under the dead woman's 

Since Littlejohn has never been arrested for anything like rape or sexual 
assault in the past, the cops were anxious to establish that he is a 
predator. Since there have been a string of rapes in Queens carried out by 
a Black man who forced the victims into a dark-colored van like 
Littlejohn's, they were sure that the women would pick Littlejohn out of a 
lineup. But the results have been unexpected:

Channel 7 news, a NYC station, reports:

"Darryl Littlejohn was placed in a lineup for another violent crime, a 
Queens rape, but the victim in that case did not pick out Littlejohn. So 
where do investigators stand now?

"While it appears that there are some carpet fiber matches, it is not 
conclusive enough to charge Darryl Littlejohn with murder. After today's 
developments he will not be charged with rape in an assault that took place 
in October in Forest Hills.

"He remains a key suspect, but today partial vindication for Darryl 
Littlejohn. This afternoon the 41-year-old appeared in a lineup before a 
rape victim. The woman failed to identify Littlejohn as her attacker even 
after he stood inches away from her separated by just a pane of glass."

I have no idea how this case will play out, but it serves to illustrate the 
sick obsession that American society has with white women being the prey of 
Black marauders. This was the theme of the Central Park jogger case of 
April 1989, when a young investment banker was supposedly beaten and raped 
by Black and Latino youth out on a "wilding" expedition. The NY Post was in 
the forefront of a virtual lynch mob and Donald Trump took out a full-page 
ad in the papers demanding that the death penalty be brought back. Years 
later, after the youth had been languishing in prison, another man with no 
connection to them confessed to the crime.

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