[Marxism] Racial hysteria in NYC

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 9 17:53:54 MST 2006

A couple additions to Louis' important account which bolster his case.
I thought at first from her picture and name that she might be Filipina (a semi-educated guess); a search of several articles in each of three NY papers turns up ONE mention of possible ethnicity: a Newsday article saying she had belonged to a college Latino group. From all the other coverage I've seen (although I haven't seen any TV accounts), she may as well have been white.
Second, only Newsday (today) has mentioned racial remarks the victim is supposed to have made to the bouncer in the bar:
Those remarks may turn out to have been concocted by his friends; they may also have been concocted by cops trying to bolster a shaky case -- i.e., they're "proof" of why he went into a rage.
In any case it just adds to the very curious (but typical in Amerika) racial nature of the case.

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