[Marxism] Re Australia's Ambassador to the US speaks about Indonesia

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Mar 9 19:59:25 MST 2006

While having no disagreement whatsoever with the points Clinton makes, what
struck me about the speech was somewhat different. Much of it is standard
stuff. What I did find revealing was the heavy emphasis on radical Islam
and the "war on terror". The Ambassador goes on and on about it.  Followed,
to be sure, by a disclaimer: "Indonesia should not be seen solely or mainly
in terms of terrorism." Err, no Mr Ambassador, it shouldn't...

I don't think a speech by the Australian Ambassador in Jakarta would have
this balance. (For example, there's nothing in this speech about the
Tsunami) This strikes me as very much a speech packaged for an American

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