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>Date: Thu Mar 09 21:15:54 CST 2006
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>Subject: [Marxism] Re: Anti-Iran actions on International Women's Day

>I was there too since it took place in my neighborhood. I'm sorry we
>didn't get to meet. I asked one of the organizers to announce the
>StopWaronIran.org petition campaign. I couldn't stay for the rally,
>however, since I was on my way to a UFPJ counter-recruitment
>organizing meeting. Did the rally announce the campaign against US war
>moves on Iran?
>I heard over WBAI radio last night that 8,000 women in the United
>States were murdered by husbands and boyfriends this past year. They
>were not stoned to death, but knifed, shot, and beaten.The number was
>even higher in Mexico (12,000 if I'm not mistaken). And the stats are
>high  in every country in the world.
>My question to the organizers of this action in NYC was and is: why
>the focus on Iran at this time? Women in every country need solidarity
>and material aid in opposition to violence against women.
>Can you answer why an international campaign in support of Iranian
>women was initiated as Washington maneuvers for position in the
>mideast? On the surface it seems to fit right into Washington's war
>plans against the Muslim world, which just happens to be sitting on
>top of America's oil.
>Steffie Brooks

It is true that there is violence against women everywhere.  In Islamic ridden countries women are second class citizen and subject to gender apartheid. Violence against women is perpetrated by the state and by anti women laws.  As a result honor killing is encouraged and/or ignored by the authorities.  Thousands of women are killed by their male relative, and you can hardly find any killer who faces justice. Even state kills women through stoning if they engage in extra marital affair. That I suppose is the difference.

I do not know if the organizers of the rally announced the campaign against US war moves on Iran.  But, for your information people who participated in the protest chanted both against the war and against the criminal and fascist Islamic regime in Iran. 

Iranian women have along tradition of struggle for freedom, and they have always celebrated March 8.  In fact, the first large movement launched against the Islamic regime was organized by women in 1979 when Ayatollah Khomeini issued a decree to force women cover themselves by the filthy piece of cloth the call chador (veil) which is only intended to control women and their sexuality, and segregate them from rest of the society. This year was no exception. In fact, in many of these protests people carried signs and banners that both condemned the US military threats against the people of Iran and the Islamic regime of ayatollahs and fascist hooligans.   

Iranian people do not want the US war and their sanction; they have seen Iraq and what the US government has done there. But at the same time, they want to overthrow the Islamic regime that has made their life miserable.   The Islamic must go but only by a mass and powerful movement of people.  There is so much hatred for this regime among Iranian people.   Today, in Iran and abroad there is a very vibrant movement against the Islamic regime.  Despite the brutality of the regime, workers, women, youth, etc, are in a daily struggle for freedom and equality.   The Islamic regime is sitting on barrel filled gunpowder.  This is a situation that distinguishes Iran from Iraq.  So, it is not an either or situation.  The world must unit not only to oppose the US threats and aggression but also support the people of Iran in their just struggle against the Islamic regime that has brought untold horror and misery for Iranian people. 

It is very clear for me that most of the left/liberal current in the US will either explicitly support the Islamic regime of Iran or become an apologist for the Islamists.  Iranian revolutionaries, progressive forces, and the struggling masses of people will only have disdain for them.


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