[Marxism] Re: Anti-Iran actions on International Women's Day

Mahmood Ketabchi mekchi at verizon.net
Thu Mar 9 22:26:35 MST 2006

>Very good question Steffie...Given the state of abortion rights in
>this country and the overall state of the women's movement, not to
>mention the very real threat from the empire against Iran, its
>astounding to me that this is an action that gets prioritised in a US
>context. The idea that you can have a rally in NY against the Iranian
>regime and proclaim away its objectively pro-imperialist implications
>is a voluntarist fantasy.Shame.

What you are basically saying is that we must end our struggle against the Islamic regime. The US and the Islamic regime were always at odd.   People like you have always told us “don’t say any thing about the Islamic regime in Iran because the US will benefit from it.”  According to you 10s of thousand of communists and revolutionaries who were killed by the Islamic regime in Iran have just wasted their time or rather their life, because they were helping the US.   In fact your statement reminds me of my Islamic torture and interrogator who kept telling me that I was working for America by opposing the Islamic regime. It only disgusts me when I hear people like you say nonsense like that.  


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