[Marxism] Debates about the declining American empire

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Thu Mar 9 23:31:52 MST 2006

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From: "Sabri Oncu" <soncu at pacbell.net>
For example, what does "the ideas of spatio-temporal fixes" mean?
Also, "accumulation
by dispossession and the like to instead show *displacement* (yet not
*resolution*) of overaccumulation?" Also, "deconstruction of some of the
financial features?"
Why complicate the matters that are already quite complicated more when you
can present your ideas more effectively?


Sorry Sabri, you are a victim of the jargon I've grown accustomed to since 
grad school days. A spatial fix is the geographical movement of capital that 
has accumulated in one place, to another, in search of higher profits, 
leaving the home terrain often devalorised (deindustrialised or otherwise 
written off). The temporal fix is the same movement but over time, involving 
the credit system so as to allow future surplus value realisation - or so 
they hope - to make possible current credit-based consumption, so as, in 
turn, to mop up overaccumulated capital. The accumulation by dispossession 
idea is that when standard market exchange and production systems aren't 
offering sufficient profits, a renewed drive to loot vulnerable sites begins 
in earnest, in the spirit of the Luxemburg thesis on 
capitalist/noncapitalist relations. A book by David Harvey in 2003 - The New 
Imperialism - explains all these in more detail (they follow his 1992 
rewrite of Das Kapital, The Limits to Capital). They're just shorthand 
phrases, and obviously require much more unpacking if presented to ordinary 
workers or other activists, something I admit I'm not terribly good at.

(On GDP corrections, what do you think of http://www.redefiningprogress.org 
especially on ecological issues...) 

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