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The cops' only suspect in the rape and murder of Imette St. Guillen was 
yanked from his cell on Rikers Island and whisked off to Queens to face a 
judge and then a police lineup - where a rape victim failed to identify him.

The 22-year-old rape victim faced off with career felon Darryl Littlejohn, 
41, through a two-way mirror and dismissed him as her attacker. It was a 
setback to the investigation into St. Guillen's rape and murder, and the 
spree of sex attacks police think is linked to the suspect.

"When my client approached the window, she said that 'No, the perpetrator 
was bigger than him,' " said Littlejohn's lawyer, Kevin O'Donnell, who was 
present for the lineup in the 112th Precinct station house.

"She looked for about two or three minutes. She had everybody stand up. She 
had everybody yell out, 'Shut up!' She still couldn't pick him out."

Without the identification, the Queens District Attorney's Office said it 
could not file charges against Littlejohn in the rape case. However, he 
remains the top suspect in St. Guillen's slaying as well as in the other 

Investigators also conclusively determined that semen on the blanket found 
wrapped around St. Guillen's dead body does not belong to Littlejohn, 
police said.

Police now believe that the cat-hair-covered blanket came from the basement 
of SoHo bar The Falls, where Littlejohn works, sources said.

Investigators combed cats who live in that basement for hair samples and 
were awaiting the return of forensic tests.

The semen on the blanket could have come from an earlier sexual encounter 
in the basement, but sources said it also raises the possibility that 
someone else had sex with St. Guillen the night she was killed.

Carpet fibers on the tape wrapped around St. Guillen's face were a match to 
some found in Littlejohn's home, but were not definitive enough because the 
carpet type is very common.

Police are continuing to pore over loads of physical evidence taken from 
his home and two vans in Jamaica, Queens, as well as from the bar.

Littlejohn was first taken in for questioning a week after the 24-year-old 
victim disappeared from The Falls. Danny Dorrian, a member of the 
pub-owning Dorrian family who works at the Lafayette Street pub, came 
forward with new details - after a week of allegedly telling investigators 
a different story.

Dorrian said he had ordered Littlejohn to escort an inebriated St. Guillen 
out of the bar at around 4 a.m. that day and heard the two argue outside. 
He then told cops he heard a muffled scream, law-enforcement sources said.

When asked why Dorrian changed his story and whether he had given a DNA 
sample, Dan Gittner, an attorney for the Dorrian family, declined to comment.

Dorrian's mother, Carol, burst into tears yesterday and expressed sympathy 
for the grad-school beauty's grieving mother.

"I'm sorry for the girl, I'm terribly sorry," said Carol Dorrian, the 
matriarch of the New York pub dynasty, with tears streaming down her 
cheeks. "I'm not upset about myself right now, I'm upset for that mother 
because I'm a mother."

St. Guillen was savagely strangled, and her body was found off the Belt 
Parkway in Brooklyn wrapped in the floral-patterned blanket. A sock had 
been stuffed in her mouth, her hands and feet were bound and tape was 
wrapped around her nose and mouth.

Littlejohn has a long rap sheet, including multiple drug offenses and 
robberies, but no history of sexual assault - a fact his lawyer jumped on.

"He was there that night. He's the one with the record, but it's important 
to note that he has no history whatsoever of any abuse against women, 
including sexual abuse or anything related to harassment," O'Donnell said. 
"There's no history whatsoever of abuse toward any woman in his life."

Littlejohn is being held on Rikers Island to await a state parole violation 
hearing because parolees are not allowed to work as bouncers. Officials 
with the union representing parole officers said overwhelming caseloads 
made it impossible for them to monitor every case as closely as they should.

Littlejohn's parole officer was swamped with 110 cases, nearly double the 
standard caseload, said Manuelita Clemente, a council leader with Division 236.

"She tried to do the best she can . . . Unfortunately, she was not able to 
be around him 24-7."

In another development, sources shot down a Boston Herald report that 
federal prosecutors were reopening a probe into Littlejohn's connection to 
a Queens drug gang. The crew was implicated in the shocking slaying of 
Officer Edward Byrne Jr. in 1988 while he guarded a drug-case witness in 

The sources said Littlejohn - who was convicted in federal court in the 
1990s of robbing a bank on Long Island with one of the gang's members - had 
offered them information into the gang's activities, but it turned out he 
didn't know anything.

A federal judge will review his case to see whether he violated his federal 
parole as well, sources said.

Additional reporting by Larry Celona, Sara Garland, Jennifer Fermino and 
Zach Haberman

ikimulisa.livingston at nypost.com



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