[Marxism] update on colorado teacher

MICHAEL YATES mikedjyates at msn.com
Fri Mar 10 21:57:12 MST 2006

Mr. Jay Bennish, the recently suspended Colorado teacher, will be back 
teaching on Monday, after a meeting of the school board, superintendant, 
etc. on Friday afternoon.  I don't know if any particular discipline was 
imposed on him.  It is school policy not to discuss such thing publicly.

The student who taped the 20 minutes will probably not be going back to the 
high school. He has been on all the local right-wing radio talk shows today. 
The hosts can hardly contain their venom toward Mr. Bennish and are hailing 
the taper as a hero.

Colorado is a scary place these days. A real witch-hunt mentality, very 
reminiscent of McCarthyism, fueled by the religious far right, which is 
centered in Colorado Springs.  The taper's dad said on one show he was 
really humbled when soldiers from Iraq emailed his son to say that what he 
was doing is what they are fighting for. Remarkable if true.

BTW, some time ago, another Colorado teacher, this one in grade school, was 
placed on leave and will be discharged for showing her class a part of a 
puppet version of Gounod's "Faust". She was apparently trying to show the 
students the different operatic voices. A small number of parents accused 
her of promoting devil worship.  Apparently there was also anger that she 
had overseen a Christmas show in which some non(Christian)religious songs 
were sung.

I should note too that Colorado's governor appeared on the worst of the 
right-wing attack shows, that of "Gunny Bob" Newman, a crackpot and 
fascist-like nut if ever there was one, and applauded the student who turned 
Mr. Bennish in.  Bush even mentioned the Bennish affair in a speech today.

Michael Yates

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