[Marxism] Answer to an ISO'er

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Carrol is dead on with both these points.  There was no single  issue.
There is not that conjunctural ferment now.  Not yet.  But will be
coming soon, to a neighborhood near yours.

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> Here is one point to start with: The single-issue line was an
> because it occurred _within_ a context in which innumerable sections
> the population were in movement. Hence while any single demonstration
> (whether at a local or a national level) was/is de facto "single
> even if declared multli-issue, any movement, _especially at the local
> level_, MUST BE multi-issue or it is not a movement.
> There is no movement now that even remotely corresponds to the huge
> variety of movements that constituted the context for anti-war action
> the '60s. It follows that for present purposes we simply cannot use
> '60s as a model for anti-war strategy now. That is like using the
> swimming strategy of goldfish as a model for playing baseball.

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