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Sat Mar 11 11:17:34 MST 2006

"Carrol is dead on with both these points.  There was no single  issue.
There is not that conjunctural ferment now.  Not yet.  But will be
coming soon, to a neighborhood near yours."--rr

No, I think Carrol is dead wrong. There is only one issue that people are
mobilized around, talking about, etc: Iraq. To look at it another way there
would be no "movement" *without* Iraq. People don't come out in the *hundreds*
of thousands around a laundry list of grievances. Without Iraq, there simply
wouldn't even be a debate. The entirity of the debate around miltiple demands
exists because groups, parties, etc know that they can *inject* their own
priorities into the *general opposition* to the War in Iraq. Americans are
dying, bodybads, hidden from the public, and 150,000 troops are occupying
another country. That trumps every issue you can think of, including Palestine
and Venezuela. This is why, except in a limited way (Palestine), there are no
"mass movements" for another single issue that people have raised. None, zip,
period. Iraq is what ties it altogether.

Does this mean that any serious anti-war movement should *ingore* or *exclude*
these issues? No, that too would suicide. It is how a movement built around the
most immportant issue, the US occupation of Iraq, can integrate and raise the
other issues to show how it's all connected. That is the art of politics in his


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