[Marxism] question re: Amazing! 100, 000 Jam Chicago Loop in Support of Immigrant Rights

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 11 16:03:36 MST 2006

Chicago is Noel Beasley's turf (progressive UNITE-HERE
official, active in USLAW and Labor Party). I don't
know much else about the Midwest Regional Joint Board
he heads, but the odds are that it's one of those that
put on a good show of mobilizing members in the
street. (In progressive NY locals of any union, such
mobilization doesn't usually correlate with actual
membership control of the union, but Chicago may be
different, I really don't know.)

When I read that workers had walked out of their shops
as the march passed, I said to myself, "I bet the
UNITE-HERE delegates had organized members to be ready
to do that." 

Any info comrades have about the union's involvement
in the march -- as well as that of immigrants' rights
groups, and their interaction with the union -- would
be welcome, including as inspiration for replicating
their success on our turfs.

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