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Sat Mar 11 18:52:41 MST 2006

OK, so, rambling it was (which I relate to on the most intimate basis, by the
way...) but I liked it. My wife watches novelas (soap operas) on our local
Univision station in San Francisco (the staff and reporters, BTW, make the
lowest salaries in the television industry in the area). They are wonderfully
melodramatic, and, unlike US soaps, they shoot more often "on location", which
can mean, sometimes, cool looking cities like Medellin, Colombia...OK, I'm

I thought the most saliant point from Joaquín "Ramblas on Spanish TV" was his
point about 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. It is something that everyone
should recognize as historically dovetailing with most ethnic groups that came
to the US, where the first and second generations stay close to the home
culture through food and language but the 2nd to 3rd generations become more
assimilitated. There remains, nevertheless, at last in California, a small, and
shrinking, Chicano/Spanish culture. Much of it has disappeared from the big
cities (Oalkand, LA, SF) as these historic Chicano communites slowly, then
rapidly, became "Central Americanized", displacing the older Mexican-American

As part of this, I've noticed over the last 20 years, an increasingly
'angloization' of Chicanos (definded as distinct Latin nationality that is
neither Yankee nor Mexican but a synthisis of both). As many of these Chicanos,
often union members with better paying jobs, moved to the suburbs and their
children integrated socially with white suburban kids, Spanish was left
untaught, and unlearned. Indentification as "Chicano" seems hardly in use and
many are identified as Latino only by their surnames. There has been some
literature on this in this state. Has people noticed this trend in places like
Texas and Arizona?

Anyway, Joaquín suggested that the whole issue of the Latino population in the
US has a bearing on the discussion on the National Question in the US. And,
indeed, it does. But...hmmm...there really is no 'latino nationality' is there?
I mean, Doninicans are not Mexicans and never shall they view each other as
"single" nationality. So...in large part we are talking about "linguistic"
label, are we not? Immigrants are different than native born, and, so on. So,
WHAT are we talking about? I would be interested in Joaquín's take on this


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