[Marxism] Re: Sharp Debate Erupts in China Over Socialism and Capitalism

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 12 09:59:10 MST 2006

    I agree with Louis. The leadership of the Chinese CP is  opportunistic enough to slightly appear to be swinging to the left whenever  they fear that their house is on fire. To illustrate, here are some excerpts  from the NYT article:
      "Hu is himself a centrist who is not really pursuing one agenda or the  other," observed a party official who said he could be punished for  talking about leadership politics if he were quoted by name. "But he did  pull us to the left to restore balance, and that gave the old guard an  opportunity it has not had in years." 
      Some concerned Chinese intellectuals might be putting up a fierce resistance  to the restoration of capitalism (aka. Neoliberalism in Full Force) in the most  unabashed way, which even the BJP and Congress Party governments in India had  been doing in a more cautious and subtle way. The leftist opposition in Chinese  CP is almost decimated. If at all a reversal of the tide has to take place, it  has to be at the grass roots, by mass movements of the deprived people.  
      Again from the NYT article: Riots have become a fixture of rural life in  China — more than 200 "mass incidents of unrest" occurred each day in  2004, police statistics show — undermining the party's insistence on social  stability.
      So back to struggle Comrades!
      PS: I got curious about Gong Xiantian’s paper but my search has yielded no  result. Can anybody help?
      Here are two more links on this subject:
      Vijaya Kumar Marla
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