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> News--Unprecedented Rally of 200,000 in Chicago for
> Immigrant Rights
>   Chicago: General Strike for Immigrant Rights
>   By Staff
>   Chicago IL - Upwards of 200,000 people marched
> through downtown Chicago, March 10, chanting, "Si,
> se puede!," meaning, "Yes we can!" defeat the
> Sensenbrenner bill.
>   This legislation, HR (House Resolution) 4437, was
> passed in December by the U.S. House of
> Representatives and looks ready to move quickly
> through the Senate. If passed, it would make it a
> crime for organizations or individuals to assist
> undocumented immigrants. In other words, if your
> union or social service organization were to help
> someone who is undocumented, you would be guilty of
> "alien smuggling," and could face federal prison
> time.
>   Under current law, being an undocumented worker is
> a civil crime in the U.S. This bill will make it a
> criminal act. It would permanently bar all
> undocumented persons - including 1.6 million
> children - from the United States. It would lead to
> the separation of families.
>   "Somos Todos America" (We Are All America)
>   Most of the marchers came from the Mexican
> immigrant community in Chicago and the surrounding
> suburbs. They were joined by Korean, Polish, Irish,
> Arab and other immigrant communities. Together, they
> made up the largest rally of any kind in the history
> of Chicago. 
>   More than that, everyone present had to take off
> work or school. One of the key organizers, Jose
> Artemio Arreola, told Fight Back! newspaper, "Over
> 100 factories allowed workers to take the day off,
> because so many workers told the owners they were
> going for the general strike."
>   Referring to the slogan of the day, Arreola
> continued, "We want the message to go out all across
> the country: Somos Todos America - We Are All
> America." Arreola, together with Omar Lopez,
> initiated the Coalition Against HR4437, which called
> for the general strike just five weeks ago. Arreola
> hopes the groundswell of support that produced this
> historic event will produce a domino effect, with
> other cities around the U.S. holding rallies and
> general strikes as well. "If there is resistance
> everywhere, the senators will get the word and vote
> against this bill."
>   Already, Los Angeles is planning two weekends of
> struggle. Latinos Against the War in East L.A. is
> raising immigrants' rights in an action on the
> anniversary of the Iraq war, March 17. In addition,
> March 25 will see a rally against HR4437 and on
> March 26, immigrants' rights will be the focus of
> the annual Chavez Labor Mass for the churches in the
> area.
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