[Marxism] Re: Leftforum 2006

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Mar 13 14:16:45 MST 2006

Louis Proyect wrote:
> It would seem that the new generation of
> Marxist scholars, who are the ideological descendants of the original
> Maoists, might be advised to not bend the stick too far in the other
> direction since Maoist bureaucratism had a lot to do with China's current
> capitalist evolution.

An important nuance: bureaucracy is an inescapable part of a
revolutionary regime in an undeveloped nation. So the emphasis ought not
to be put on the existence (or building)of bureaucracy but on the
strategy and tactics of controlling and (eventually) removing it. The
Cultural Revolution was a strategy that failed. It probably won't be the
last strategy that fails, since we are still pretty much in the dark on
this question.


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