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Russell Morse:

> Definitely a good sign - the old idea of
> "Indo-America" coined by Haya de la Torre in his better days 
> is definitely taking hold.  See also Mariategui's "La Unidad 
> de la América Indo-Española" at
> http://www.marxists.org/espanol/mariateg/6-xii-24.htm

Wow, Russell Morse, you know Haya and his "Indo-América"!!!!!  Rara 
avis indeed!!!

Yes, and the piece by Mariátegui is also exceptional.

In fact, both stem from the Reforma Universitaria, by the way

As to Haya and Chile, it is usually forgotten that, prior to its 
crystalization into a semi-Stalinist formation, the Chilean Partido 
Socialista was founded by a group of military who followed Haya.  And 
who gave a coup and ruled over Chile for a few days:  the Marmaduke 
Grove group.

Cdes. outside Chile can't imagine the terrible effect of oligarchic 
petty nationalism there.  The general idea being that Chile is a 
"fine mansion in a rundown neighborhood".

The importance of what has happened, I repeat, can hardly be 
diminished.  I will forward a short contribution in Spanish by Pedro 
Godoy which appeared on the Reconquista Popular mailing list.  Godoy 
has been consistently struggling against Chilean aislationism since 
more than twenty years.  He has been awarded a medal by Bolivia for 
his struggle, more or less like Uri Avneri being awarded a medal by 
Hamas.  And he is one of the few teachers -members of the Socialist 
Party- who  were left jobless by the 1973 and have not been able to 
recover their jobs.

This is because the PS-PDC coalition that rules after Pinochet shares 
with Pinochet (author of a Geopolitics of Chile, BTW) the idea that 
Chile must be haughtily isolated of all its neighbors.  And keep the 
economy of the country running in such a way that one of every two 
dollars produced in Chile must be exported.

Whatever happens with the Chilean masses, who cares.

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