[Marxism] Re: Socialist Alliance DSP front well to the back.

Nick Fredman srcsra at scu.edu.au
Mon Mar 13 18:13:28 MST 2006


>The serious point here is that the absurd claims made by the SA and 
>the Democratic Socialist Perspective/Party that they have strong 
>influence in the union movement and are recognised as the leaders of 
>all sorts of struggles stand in the greatest possible contrast to 
>and are in fact disproven by the vanishingly miniscule vote the SA 
>manages  to garner<.

For people who don't let sectarian axe grinding get in the way of a 
passing acquaintance with history and social reality this vote is not 
at all unsurprising or particularly damning. The Communist Party of 
Australian, when it had 10 000 members and *controlled numerous 
unions* (from 40s till 60s or even 70s), got very small votes in most 
bourgeois elections, often if not usually losing its deposit (i.e. 
less than 4%). Workers trusted their union militancy much more than 
their whole program.

Greg offers us a typical sectarian verbal, seemingly learned in the 
Bob Gould School of Falsification, by stating there are some kind of 
claims that  DSP and/or SA "have strong influence in the union 
movement and are recognised as the leaders of all sorts of 
struggles". Of course no-one has said this, and our learned lawyer 
comrade doesn't bother to quote anyone. "Modest" would be a much more 
accurate word in what people involved in SA have actually said rather 
than "strong", and it is quite modest, even c.f. the CPA in the early 

However it's all relative, and modest strength, and less modest 
strength than the far left has had in about 20 years, is better than 
non-existent strength, which is what makes SA worthwhile. BTW the 
claim  that it was ever principally an electoral front was a schema 
of the ISO and a tiny minority of other members.

Recently a petition SA initiated calling on the ACTU to call a 
national stoppage against the IR laws was enthusiastically taken up 
by many union bodies, officials and activists, and garnered as far as 
we know 5000-10000 signatures. It was a real material factor (among 
other things of course) in pressuring the ACTU tops to call action in 
June rather than wait till the end of the year, which they had 
previously given every indication of. A modest success to be sure, 
but a result of real, if modest, strength. What exactly are you 
offering, Greg?

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