[Marxism] 13 resistance fighters hanged by puppet Iraqi government

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 14 13:00:44 MST 2006

The NY Times is going ga-ga today about alleged executions by alleged  al-Sadr street gangs. Meanwhile the "legal" execution of resistance  fighters late last week has gone almost completely unnoticed.
  What group did they belong to? What crimes were they convicted of? What was their defense?
  We're not likely to find out. Not for them, or for the many more like them to come.
  Add THIS to your undercounted bodies!
  From the Los Angeles Times
            13 Convicted Insurgents Are Executed in Iraq           Move  comes as Premier Jafari faces criticism that he has been ineffective  against rebels. U.S. confirms it will hand over Abu Ghraib prison.
                          By Louise Roug
                       Times Staff Writer
                 March 10, 2006
    BAGHDAD — Iraqi authorities Thursday hanged 13 prisoners, including a  woman, convicted of being insurgents, said an official who was present.
  The  executions, which were authorized by the Iraqi government, were the  first to involve insurgents. It was the second time since Saddam  Hussein's ouster in 2003 that the death penalty was carried out.
  The  hangings come at a time when interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari's  bid to keep his position in a new government has been questioned by  Iraqi political factions. 
  "The prime minister is not soft,"  said Bassam Ridha, a Jafari advisor who witnessed the executions. He  dismissed the timing as coincidence.
  "The new Iraq will have to have a different flavor — harsh on the criminals," Ridha said.
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