[Marxism] Re: Former H- Block prisoner Anthony McIntyre publishes the cartoons 'in protest against totalitarianism'.

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 14 15:41:02 MST 2006

To Carrie Twomey and Anthony McIntyre:

As writers and activists who have contributed in the past to The 
Blanket and who had hoped, for a time, that it might play a positive 
role in pushing forward the coalescing of a principled, anti-sectarian 
Left in the north of Ireland, we write to disassociate ourselves 
completely from the journal, and to request that the editors 
immediately remove from The Blanket archives any articles or letters 
submitted by us in the past.
While the quality and the political integrity of The Blanket have been 
visibly deteriorating for some time, the recent decision of editors 
Carrie Twomey and Anthony McIntyre to re-publish deliberately 
provocative, racist anti-Muslim cartoons, commissioned originally by 
the right-wing Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, is a step too far. 
In our view, their publication marks the end of any positive role that 
The Blanket might play in a world saturated in anti-Muslim prejudice, 
a world being dragged from one bloody war to the next in the name of 
superior ‘western civilization.’
The Belfast Telegraph commented yesterday that The Blanket was “known 
for its anti-establishment views,” but this decision is just the 
latest confirmation that it has instead been transformed into the 
cyber-darling of an establishment now set on permanent war footing.
We will not allow ourselves to be associated with such an endeavor at 
a time when people are being assaulted in the streets, subjected to 
harassment by governments across Europe, hunted down by Iraqi ‘death 
squads,’ kidnapped and tortured in far-flung concentration camps, 
subjected to aerial bombardment and chemical warfare, and shot down in 
their homes under the guise of bringing ‘civilization’ to the Muslim 

Brian Kelly (Belfast)

Eamonn McCann (Derry)

Barbara Muldoon (Belfast)


The authors expressly forbid this letter from being reprinted or 
reproduced in any form in The Blanket. It may be reprinted in any 
other publication.

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