[Marxism] Cartoon controversy hits U.S. SWP

John Riddell johnriddell at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 14 16:17:18 MST 2006

The international controversy over anti-Islamic caricatures and other 
provocations against Muslim communities has led to a vigorous exchange in 
the pages of The Militant, newspaper of the U.S. Socialist Workers Party. 


and, for the Militant's reply,


At the same time, two longtime Marxist activists, until recently organized 
supporters of the SWP's Canadian sister organization, the Communist League 
have published a sharp critique of the SWP's hostility to Muslim protests, 
and its related positions on Iraq and Cuba.


The authors, Sandra Browne and Robert Johnson were members and subsequently 
organized supporters of the Communist League and its predecessor 
organizations for more than three and four decades respectively. Robert 
Johnson (RobertJohnson100 at sympatico.ca) was a central leader of the 
organization through the mid 1960s to the early 1980s.

During the last 15 years, the SWP has been marked by an absence of political 
discussion not only within its ranks but among the vast majority of those 
who have left the organization. The Browne-Johnson article is one of the 
very few oppositional statements to come from this current. The article 
testifies to the tensions produced among SWP members and supporters by the 
failure of this current to rally to the defense of the Iraqis and other 
embattled Mideast peoples.

John Riddell 

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