[Marxism] Graham Milner, Socialist Alliance, and day dreams

Graham M. gkmilner at v-app.com.au
Tue Mar 14 16:35:10 MST 2006

Dear Tony,
                 Nice to hear from you after quite a while.   I don't
believe that Socialist Alliance's relatively small number of votes
constitutes a setback here in WA for our organisation.   In the Victoria
Park by-election SA mobilised a third of its State membership to letterbox
the electorate with a high quality leaflet, and to staff each polling
station on polling day.   We sold copies of 'Green Left Weekly' and
distributed other party literature, as well as collecting signatures on the
petition for action by the trade union movement against the Howard
government's Industrial Relations bill.

   The campaign in the Victoria Park by-election was a success insofar as it
raised the profile of SA in that area, and laid the basis for a possible
expansion in branch terms into Victoria Park.   It is a mistake in my view
to attempt to gauge the results of such a campaign in electoralist terms.
SA in any case has no registration as a party in WA, because of the tight
and restrictive electoral laws.   Even in its heyday, the Communist Party of
Australia did not make significant inroads electorally, in spite of having a
big presence in the trade union and broader labour movements, and in
Australian cultural life.   I'm not suggesting that SA is yet on a par with
the old CPA, but we are attempting to build an organisation with a depth of
implantation in the Australian working-class movement that the historic CPA
once had.

   Campaigns like Vic Park are the way forward - to get our party known and
to build an organisation on the ground.   There are no quick fixes, and no
shortcuts to power.   Our intervention in electoral politics should in my
opinion be along Leninist lines - ie. we do not see bourgeois
parliamentarism as the road to power, but we do intervene tactically in
these limited and restrictive political openings to put forward our party's
programme and our ideas, and to recruit.

   My best regards to you and Val,

                                                 Graham Milner

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> Sorry Graham, and comrades. The fact is that in WA for SA was 0.81 percent
> Face up to it. Face reality
> Tony Horne
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