[Marxism] Guillo: No Joke, Bachelet Will Change Chile

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 15 07:18:31 MST 2006

>Fred comments:
>Sometimes I wonder what is the the point of Louis' tit-for-tat
>counterposts against Walter's "torrent" of news clippings.  Does the
>opinion of a popular comedian really require a response in the spirit of
>"The Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky."  And what do John
>McCain and Tony Blair have to do with this exactly?

Maybe you hadn't noticed, but Walter is carrying out a typical party (of 
one) intervention here. Nobody else has taken it upon themselves to 
systematically disseminate newspaper articles revolving around a particular 
ideological theme. Most people view Marxmail as a place to exchange ideas 
around any number of questions, not as some kind of cyber-duma to propagate 
the Line. We have a subscriber named Lou Paulsen, who is a longtime member 
of the WWP but who has only been lurking for the past couple of years at 
least. Lou never harped on WWP themes unless his party was under attack. 
Most of the time he looked forward to exchanging ideas around a whole host 
of questions, including Foucault, the Civil War, etc.

I understand that Walter has attached himself to the Cause of the Cuban 
Revolution, which in his mind means defending every diplomatic initiative 
found in the Cuban press. However, to be quite candid about this, by doing 
this he is far more guilty of a misdemeanor that he accuses others of, 
namely commenting on the internal policies of countries thousands of miles 

As I understand it, Walter is a citizen of the USA, not Cuba. He never says 
a word about Los Angeles. To my knowledge, there are lots of things going 
on in his city and in California that practically cry out for a Marxist 
analysis. This includes the problem of immigration, pollution, trade union 
struggles, etc. Perhaps he doesn't pay attention to them because they are 
not covered in the Cuban press. What a shame.



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