[Marxism] RE: degeneration of US SWP/Larry Trainor ...

Bock, Sandra Sandra.Bock at va.gov
Wed Mar 15 07:42:35 MST 2006

I am trying to prepare a eulogy for of Gusty Trainor, who is 93 and
quite ill at this time.  I would like some information if you have it
about Gusty in her younger activist SWP days.
Any help would be appreciated.  Did you know her children and if they
were also in a youth movement of the SWP?  Her daughter died about 10
years ago and son, Patrick is somewhat astranged from her.
Gusty is the kindest, most political woman I know and a friend for many
years. I am her medical health care proxy as well.   I read an article
in my research that said she died in the 80s a "demoralized woman" but I
am here to tell you she did not die in the 80s but Larry did of ALS and
Gusty was by his side daily doing everything for him.
She will be missed by her friends for sure.
Thanks for your help and I do hope she snaps out of it and lives more
but she has Alzheimers now so she is really not enjoying life as she

Sandra G. Bock, M.Ed.,PA-C
West Roxbury VA
Occupational Health Rm GA153

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