[Marxism] Guillo: No Joke, Bachelet Will Change Chile

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 15 08:37:51 MST 2006

David wrote:
>Citizenship? I thought the workers had no country. Louis sneaks this in
>because he knows Walter actually lives in Cuba about three months a year and
>is therefore more competent to speak about Cuba than most of us, citizenship
>notwithstanding. By Louis' method, if Walter started writing 3 times as much
>stuff about LA as he does about Cuba, he would then become a balanced

Huh? I wasn't objecting to Walter's posts about *Cuba*. When I visit 
Turkey, I try to keep a journal and post it to the list myself. For that 
matter, Anthony's occasional posts on Colombia are among the most valuable 
found on the list. But I sincerely wonder what Walter really knows about 
Chile. If I were to start taking up the cause of the Chilean SP, I'd at 
least try to read some scholarly material. I am afraid that Prensa Latina 
is pretty thin stuff. To really get a handle on Chile, it is necessary to 
read NACLA (even with its rancid editorial outlook) or Latin American 



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