[Marxism] What kind of socialism are we talking about here?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 15 16:20:45 MST 2006

>It is perhaps a personality defect of mine that I hate to be antagonistic 
>towards anyone personally. I usually agree with you as a moderator and 
>think you do a great job keeping this list as a working forum of Marxist 
>discussion. But I must ask if there's anyone else that does not thoroughly 
>appreciate the full participation Walter contributes to this list on a 
>daily basis. I don't think you appreciate how much Walt contributes to the 
>popularity of your list, Louis.

I never had any objection to the things that Walter writes about Cuba, 
which are enriched by his first-hand experience. But let me remind you of 
why I am so testy around these questions. We had a flame war about a month 
ago about Evo Morales. I don't like flame wars. I have tried to put these 
sorts of questions on the back burner for the time being, but I feel they 
are being re-raised under new packaging with Bachelet, etc. I simply don't 
understand why Walter can't drink a glass of cold water and hold off on 
these questions for an extended period. Latin America will not sink into 
the Pacific Ocean if he does, I can assure him. 

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