[Marxism] Chavez's alleged anti-Semitism

Charles-Antoine Bachand ca_bachand at videotron.ca
Wed Mar 15 08:40:18 MST 2006

On that subject, there's a really good article on the site of Acrimed  
(an association critic of the medias).

For those of you who read french : http://www.acrimed.org/ 

Charles-Antoine Bachand

Le 06-03-15 à 10:19, Louis Proyect a écrit :

> Chavez's Alleged Anti-Semitism
> By Evan Derkacz, AlterNet
> Posted on March 15, 2006, Printed on March 15, 2006
> Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has likened him to Hitler and Pat  
> Robertson has called for his assassination -- twice now. Sean  
> Hannity, the moderate of the group, conceded that while Venezuelan  
> president Hugo Chavez is, "not up to the level of Hitler," he is,  
> nevertheless, "a threat."
> Adding to this downright loony rhetoric from the right wing is the  
> flap over Hugo Chavez's alleged anti-Semitic remarks.
> During his Christmas Eve address to the nation, Chavez touched off  
> a controversy when he said (in translation):
> "The world is for all of us, then, but it so happens that a  
> minority, the descendants of the same ones that crucified Christ,  
> the descendants of the same ones that kicked Bolivar out of here  
> and also crucified him in their own way over there in Santa Marta,  
> in Colombia -- a minority has taken possession of all the wealth of  
> the world, a minority has taken ownership of all of the gold of the  
> planet, of the silver, of the minerals, the waters, the good lands,  
> oil, of the wealth, and have concentrated the wealth in a few  
> hands: Less than 10 percent of the population of the world owns  
> more than half of the wealth of the world and … more than the  
> population of the planet is poor, and each day there are more poor  
> people in the whole world."
> A few days after the speech, on Dec. 30, the Jewish Telegraphic  
> Agency ran a "breaking news" item, cherry-picking "'the descendants  
> of those who crucified Christ' own the riches of the world" from  
> the address.
> The Simon Wiesenthal Center, named for the famous Austrian Jewish  
> Nazi hunter, hopped on board less than a week later. The Center  
> echoed the anti-Semitism charge, demanding an apology and urging  
> other Latin American states to "freeze the process of incorporation  
> of Venezuela" into Mercosur, a South American trade agreement.
> A week after that, the charge was scooped up by right-wing media  
> outlets like the Weekly Standard and the Wall Street Journal, both  
> of which took the opportunity to tar and feather the democratically  
> elected leader and to associate his left-leaning policies with his  
> alleged anti-Semitism.
> Witness the teaser to Aaron Mannes' Weekly Standard piece for this  
> guilt-by-association rap: "Hugo Chavez veers into anti-Semitism  
> while explaining how to create a workers' paradise."
> Calling Chavez a "tyrant," the Wall Street Journal's Mary Anastasia  
> O'Grady wrote that Chavez "has made it clear that it backs Iran's  
> nuclear ambitions and embraces the mullahs' hateful anti-Semitism."
> full: http://www.alternet.org/story/31797/
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