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>Milosevic and the Media : 7 Troubling Questions
>Michel Collon
>Why do they continue to hide these things from you:
>Let him die!
>« It would be better if Milosevic died in the dock, because if the trial ran
>its course he might be sentenced for only relatively minor charges »
>James Gow, "an expert on war crimes" and supporter of The Hague Tribunal, in
>an interview with Channel 4, 2004.
>«I am a victim of a propaganda war», sang Emir Kusturica, the famous
>filmmaker who was born in Sarajevo, with his rock group. His film Life Is a
>Miracle ridicules Western media coverage on Bosnia. But even in his
>interviews, he also made people understand that it was impossible to tell
>the truth.
>Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 :
>«The US/NATO court trying Slobodan Milosevic was always totally
>illegitimate. It could never be taken seriously as a court of justice.
>Milosevic's defense is powerful, convincing, persuasive and impossible to
>Serbian crimes
>«Gen. Farkas said that when Milosevic learned of crimes committed by reserve
>policemen who had associated with Slobodan Medic "Boca," he became extremely
>angry. He demanded an explanation of how the Skorpions commander could have
>been active in Kosovo, then he demanded that the perpetrators be prosecuted
>and that nothing like that be permitted to happen in the future. »
>General Farkas, chief of the Security Dept. of the Yugoslav Army in 1999,
>testimony given in The Hague.
>Mitterrand - Sarajevo
>«Mr. Boutros Ghali advised me a few days ago that the projectile that struck
>the Markale market place in Sarajevo was an act of provocation by the
>Bosnian Muslims. »
>Ben Laden and Izetbegovic
>"In November 1994, while she was waiting in Izetbegovic's foyer both she,
>and a journalist from Der Speigel, saw Osama bin Laden being escorted into
>Izetbegovic's office. Yes *that* Osama bin Laden -- the same Osama bin Laden
>who masterminded the 9/11 terrorist attacks."
>Eve-Ann Prentice, journalist writing for the Guardian and the Times (UK),
>Balkans specialist. Judge Robinson immediately cut off her testimony, and
>declared it to be "irrelevant".
>Operation Horse Shoe :
>Scharping, German Defense Minister, 1999 "(We fear that) a slackening of
>support by the media, warnings of a reversal of public opinion in favor of a
>halt to Nato's bombing campaign and a return to negotiations. It is a
>catastrophe that my colleague Joshka Fischer would like to avoid at all
>It was time to announce a new sensational news story: for several days they
>had been preparing written proof that Milosevic had planned for the spring a
>vast crime against humanity in Kosovo, providing a posteriori justification
>for preventive intervention by the Bundeswehr. «We finally have the proof
>that plans for the systematic expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Kosovo
>Albanians have been in place since December 1998, detailed proof that names
>all the Yugoslav units that were going to participate in it. The analysis
>provides a clear image of what was going to happen. I decided that Operation
>Horseshoe should be made public».
>Two years later, on February 8, 2001, the ARD network broadcast an exclusive
>documentary : « In the Beginning Was the Lie ». That night, one million
>German television viewers were stupefied to learn that what a few well
>informed people had known all along: the Serbs never had a plan called
>Operation Horse Shoe, and that the massacres had been completely fabricated.
>They also heard the former NATO spokesman during the Kosovo War, the Briton
>Jamie Shea, address a stirring (but heavily compromising) homage for the
>eminent contribution made by German leaders: « Not only Minister Scharping,
>but also Chancellor Schröder and Minister Fischer were a grandiose example
>of political leaders who did not align themselves with public opinion but
>who know how to shape it. Despite the troublesome collateral damage and
>despite the length of the bombardments, they knew how to stay the course. If
>we had lost the support of German public opinion, we also would have lost
>that of our partners. ».
>Here are just a few of many examples of media lies.
>Crimes had been committed by all three sides during the civil war. Milosevic
>can be reproached for certain things. But the important thing here is not
>what the media says. It's what the media doesn't say.
>If you think that the media brought manipulated reports on Iraq, Israel,
>Vietnam, and several other wars, but that Yugoslavia was an exception, and
>that in this case they told you the truth without any manipulation, then
>don't bother looking any further, and sleep well!
>On the other hand, if you have noticed that each war waged by the Great
>Powers has always been accompanied by war propaganda and disinformation,
>then, find out what they have been hiding from you. Try to formulate your
>own opinion, without taboos.
>Of course, do not believe us just like that. Why not ask to your favorite
>journalist if he knows about this, and if he will inform his audience ?
>Michel Collon
>March 12, 2006
>You can find numerous facts that have been concealed with the search engine
>on my site (only in French up to now) :
>- Liar's Poker : The Great Powers, Yugoslavia and the Wars of the Future.
>Of course, I have been censured and calumnied for having shown that the
>media manipulated us during this war. But the late Paul-Marie de la Gorce, a
>columnist with Monde Diplomatique and one of the outstanding experts in the
>U.S.A.'s secret strategies in the Balkans, rated this as one of the three
>best books that appeared in 1998. Gilles Perrault, Jean Ziegler, Samir Amin
>and plenty of others thought the same and they welcomed the research. But a
>one-way media has made all of this vanish by sleight of hand.
>INFO : nessa.kovic at skynet.be
>- Monopoly - NATO in Search of World Conquest.
>How that war prepared the one against Iraq and the next others...
>INFO : nessa.kovic at skynet.be
>- The Damned of Kosovo
>This documentary film shows the catastrophic situation of all of the
>minorities who are living today under NATO occupation. And the gigantic
>military base built by the U.S. on the projected route of a future U.S. oil
>Now also available on DVD.
>INFO : nessa.kovic at skynet.be
>- Beneath NATO's Bombs - 15 Belgians in Yugoslavia
>A documentary on the crimes of NATO, which bombed civilian targets and
>numerous companies, in fact, it was privatization by bombardment.
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