[Marxism] Re: what kind of socialism are we talking about?

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Dear Fred,

I've been flamed, and by LP, and believe me, Louis's mild remarks about
Walter don't even register as a mild jalapeno on the Scoville index of

But it isn't about flaming, at least for me.  I actually disagree with
LP's assertion that the last discussion on Bolivia bogged down into a
flame war.  Flaming wasn't then, isn't now, and won't be the issue.
Critical analysis was, is, and will be.  Which is why some stormed out
of the discussion spluttering about whites this and whites that. There
is little political contentin Walter's offerings, unless you consider
smarmy remarks linking  so-called extreme leftism with the Washington
Consensus critical analysis and realistic political content.

The issue isn't the introduction of any individual clipping as a point
of view to be considered by the list-- everybody does that.  Everybody
submits articles by the most bourgeois of bourgeois analysists for
critical response.  But that's not Walter's purpose.  Walter has an
agenda.  You can talk around that all you want, but Walter has a
political agenda, and it is not frank, open, discussion about the real
social forces at work.  It's all about supporting this or that friend of
Cuba at any given time, regardless of the actual policies that friend
endorses.  Has Walter, or yourself for that matter, ever introduced an
article critical of Brazil's and/or Argentina's occupation of Haiti?
Not that I can recall.  Has Prensa Latina ever published anything
critical of Brazil's, Argentina's (and now China's) occupation of Haiti?
I honestly don't know, because I don't read Prensa Latina.

So it's all about politics.  The politics of uncriticality.  The
politics of ersatz "Fidelismo,"  the politics of, as you state in your
post on Bachelet "there are no prospects for socialism in Chile
(currently),"  so that we should all be grateful for articles that
promise us exactly what?  Divergence from the Washington line?  Like
where?  Like in Haiti, of course.

Some of us actually feel insulted when that scam is run.  Or when
someone tells us that the cooptation of women, as women, into
governmental positions, is in and of itself, a registration of social
progress.  Sure it is.  Progress in exactly the capitalist method of
progress-- setting the stage for even greater levels of exploitation.
Progress in exactly the way that building a dam under capitalism,
dispossessing indigenous peoples to provide electricity to landed
interests, industry owners, capitalists, is progress. All hail
capitalist progress.  It's the next best thing since there are no
prospects for socialism (currently).

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