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[Well, it will be interesting to see where all the forces in Venezuela, Cuba and
Bolivia stand on these protests. These protests are aimed at a gov't that has
been defended by Chavez in the past, for example. It is a test of their
politics, and Morales, too. We can pretty much be assured where the Lulas and
Kirchners will stand. The others? --David]

Ecuador's president urges calm Free-trade protests lead to resignation of
interior minister

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) -- President Alfredo Palacio urged Ecuadoreans to defend the
nation's fragile democracy amid protests by Indians opposed to free-trade talks
with Washington that have led to violent clashes with police and the
resignation of the interior minister.

The unrest spread from the highlands into the oil-producing southeast jungle,
where police clashed with residents demanding more spending on public works and
protesters took 15 soldiers hostage.

Palacio said in a nationally broadcast address late Wednesday the protests were
the result of "deceptive politics that seek to perversely tear apart the

He called on Ecuadoreans to "close ranks" to defend the country's fragile
democracy ahead of elections in October and said he had met behind closed doors
with the presidents of Congress and the Supreme Court to seek their support.

Interior Minister Alfredo Castillo's resignation Wednesday came a day after he
warned that successive protests -- not only by Indians but also contracted oil
workers and jungle residents -- could lead to "another coup."

Ecuador has had three president forced from power since 1997.

Full: <http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/americas/03/16/ecuador.ap/index.html>

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