[Marxism] More evidence of liberal anti-Muslim racism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 16 08:15:00 MST 2006

The LA Weekly is an "alternative" newspaper that occupies roughly the same 
place on the spectrum as the Village Voice, salon.com, the Nation Magazine, 
etc. Marc Cooper has a weekly column and Doug Ireland is a frequent 
contributor. The editor is Harold Myerson, a leading liberal wonk who also 
edits the American Prospect, a magazine funded by Bill Moyers basically.

In the latest issue there is a positive review 
of a new book by Oriana Fallaci titled "The Force of Reason," which the 
reviewer Brendan Bernhard (author of White Muslim: From L.A. to New York to 
Jihad) describes as an answer to the question: "How did Europe become home 
to an estimated 20 million Muslims in a mere three decades?"

Here's a snippet from the review to give you a sense of how disgusting both 
Fallaci and Bernhard are:

 >>Fallaci is not the first person to ponder the rapidity of the ongoing 
Muslim transformation of Europe. As the English travel writer Jonathan 
Raban wrote in Arabia: A Journey Through the Labyrinth (1979), in the 
mid-1970s Arabs seemed to arrive in London almost overnight. “One day Arabs 
were a remote people 
 camping out in tents with camels 
 the next, they 
were neighbors.” On the streets of West London appeared black-clad women 
adorned with beaked masks that made them look “like hooded falcons.” 
Dressed for the desert (and walking precisely four steps ahead of the 
women), Arab men bestrode the sidewalks “like a crew of escaped film 
extras, their headdresses aswirl on the wind of exhaust fumes.”<<

This is basically the same filth found in Carlin Romano's Philadelphia 
Enquirer review of another racist diatribe that I wrote about here:


Bernhard concludes his review with a ringing endorsement of the Danish right:

 >>As that Norwegian Mullah told Aftenposten, “Our way of thinking 
prove more powerful than yours.” One hopes he’s wrong, but if he is, it 
will be ordinary Americans and Europeans, including courageous 
Arab-Americans like L.A. resident Wafa Sultan and the Somali-born Dutch 
politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali (two women openly challenging Islamist 
supremacism), who prove him so, and not our intellectual classes (artists, 
pundits, filmmakers, actors, writers 
). Many of the latter, consumed by 
Bush-hatred and cultural self-loathing, are perilously close to becoming 
today’s equivalent of the great Norwegian novelist Knut Hamsun, who so 
hated the British Empire that he sided with the Nazis in World War II, to 
his everlasting shame. The Force of Reason, at the very least, is a welcome 
and necessary antidote to the prevailing intellectual atmosphere.<<

It is becoming apparent that along with the growing hatred of the war in 
Iraq there is a counter-tendency taking shape among certain liberals that 
*objectively* gives aid to expanded wars in the Middle East. Both Cooper 
and Ireland have solidarized themselves with the Danish racist right around 
the cartoon controversy. The whole purpose of books such as the kind that 
Bawer (reviewed by Romano) and Fallaci write is to increase the hatred of 
Western liberals toward Muslim and Arab peoples. Since the conservative 
right is already lined up behind an agenda of the New Crusades, winning the 
liberals to a war on Iran is essential.

If a war is launched against Iran, it will have many of the same rationales 
as the invasion of Afghanistan. It will be put forward as a war to 
"liberate women and gays", as a war to allow freedom of expression and 
democracy, etc. But basically it will be a war about oil just as the 
current war is. It is a sign of the decrepitude of contemporary liberalism 
that it will allow itself to be drawn into this insane march toward a war 
that has disastrous implications for all of humanity.



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