[Marxism] Re: Saddam urges Iraqi unity and resistance

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Mar 16 16:10:39 MST 2006

Turning these trials against the MAIN enemy of humanity may be the one
lasting service that Hussein and Milosevic performed.  
Even when they weren't packs of lies or half-truths, the trials were
justifications for brutal imperialist wars of conquest, scapegoating the
defeated side as responsible for the war and all the horrors that the
imperialist rulers brought to humanity.  Even when they stuck to the
facts,. as in some of the trials of the perpetrators of the holocaust,
they were still a big-lie coverup for the crimes of the victoious
perpetrators of the war who shared responsibility for all the crimes
that were committed.
With the stubborn resistance of Milosevic and Hussein to being cast as
sacrificial scapegoats, I think it is possible that the cycle of
international show trials that began with the great success for US
imperialism at Nuremberg may be coming to an end.  Good riddance!
Fred Feldman

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