[Marxism] Re: Saddam urges Iraqi unity and resistance

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 16 16:28:56 MST 2006

     Let us hope you are right. 
    Sadly,  in the USA we are in the midst of a series of national show trials which are part of the Post 911 "war on terror" - best exemplified by the Lynne Stewart case.  These show no signs of abating yet. Altho we can certainly cheer the embarassment the prosecution suffered this week in the Mousaoui trial, it may get reversed on appeal or writ..
     Recalling that the Stalin era show trials relied heavily on torture to extract confessions and to control the defendants while they were on trial, it is not unrealistic to anticipate similar trials coming out of Gitmo.  No doubt Jose Padilla has been tortured and a confession extracted. We will see what his 'trial' looks like.   SR   

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From: "Fred Feldman" <ffeldman at bellatlantic.net> 

> With the stubborn resistance of Milosevic and Hussein to being cast as 
> sacrificial scapegoats, I think it is possible that the cycle of 
> international show trials that began with the great success for US 
> imperialism at Nuremberg may be coming to an end. Good riddance! 
> Fred Feldman 
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