[Marxism] Elif Shafak

Yavuz Tuyloglu yavuztuyloglu at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 17 05:43:20 MST 2006

ANIL GÖKPEK wrote:    
The danger for other 'undercurrents which are ignored' is being labeled by one of these groups as nationalist/xenophobic or by other as cosmopolitan/Sufi. 
To summarize the ideas above and as a conclusion let me ask this:
How can one be a novelist while being blindfolded?

  I can only agree with these points. It seems to me that "Shafak" and bunch of other 'culturally-sensitive' intellectuals regard this putative dichotomy between nationalism and sufism as a safe heaven to defer from bringing forth analysis which may require further variables. They readily accept these undercurrents as if they are 'real' things, but not socially constructed and historically conditioned. So we are told that Turkey always sat on this clash. What follows is to disregard any other category that does not fit into the big picture. I wonder where the Turkish left or Islamists is habitating in the Turkey of nationalist vs. Sufis.      

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