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Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 19 17:40:58 MST 2006

The "book of Daniel" I referred to in my previous post was the following
article by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, author of "Hitler's Willing
Executioners" portraying Germans as an "exterminationist" nation cured
by US occupation.  While he limits himself to boycotting Hamas and
bombing Iran's nuclear power and research facilities (and no doubt
related electrical, industrial and other sites, relevant educational
facilities -- the usual jazz), his relentless focus on comparing
political Islam with Naziism and Arabs and Muslims with those bad
Germans points to occupation or worse as the solution this time, too.
Fred Feldman

The New Threat
by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen 
Post date 03.02.06 | Issue date 03.13.06 

 Political Islam--aggressive, totalitarian--is now fully on the
offensive. On January 3, Iran announced it would restart its nuclear
program, which, despite its formal denials, is transparently meant to
produce a nuclear weapon. On January 25, Palestinians gave a resounding
electoral victory to the avowedly annihilative Islamic messianic
political party Hamas, which has now turned to Iran for assistance. And,
in the last days of January and first days of February, four quiescent
months after a Danish newspaper printed political cartoons of Mohammed,
violent mass protests against Denmark and other European countries
erupted in the Islamic world. However disturbing each of these three
developments is individually, we would miss their greater significance
if we did not see their fundamental relatedness. In fact, they are
ominously more important than the sum of their parts...

The whole article can only be viewed on site by subscribers.

I suspect, however, that it will eventually be distributed in something
like pamphlet or reprint form.  It seems written for wide distribution
and influence.

The fact that Israeli Jews constitute an oppressor nation relative to
the Palestinians and the neighboring Arab countries, and that the Arabs
are victims of the Israeli Jewish state as a client state of
imperialism, rather than Israeli Jews being victims of Arab
anti-Semitism, only scratches the surface of what needs to be done to
counter this piece of carefully constructed liberal war propaganda.

I think list members should read it, think about it, and express their
own thoughts.
Fred Feldman

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