[Marxism] Venez indigenous leader demands apology to Venezuela

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Mar 19 18:48:17 MST 2006

It seems to me that large sections of Ecuador's population are striving
to move it toward the bloc of nations seeking social transformation
(Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia).  Dave Walters was right to draw attention to
this development, although it will probably take time and faces
potentially much more aggressive military opposition from the US and its
client, the death-squad government of Colombia.
And yes, people should read the background articles on Rubinelli's Wolf
website.  Very useful.
At the time of the oil strike, I noted that aside from a Trotskyist
group, there were no protests against Venezuela's agreement to ship oil
to Ecuador from mass organizations, and no visible sign among the masses
of regarding this as scabbing.  Evidently, the popular movement is quite
friendly to Cuba, Venezuela, and -- I assume -- Bolivia.
Fred Feldman
Ecuadoreans Want Apology to Venez

Quito, Mar 18 (Prensa Latina) The Pachakutik indigenous movement urged
the Ecuadorean government to apologize for an attempt by Congress leader
Wilfredo Lucero to link Venezuela to protests in Ecuador.

Pachakutik Coordinator Gilberto Talahua denied any involvement of
Caracas and President Hugo Chavez in financing indigenous mobilizations
against the free trade agreement with the US.

Lucero´s remarks are "irresponsible and unfounded," stressed Talahua.

He said protests against the FTA and for the cancellation of operations
of US oil firm Oxy, as well as the convening of a Constituent Assembly
have been financed by local indigenous communities.

"Wilfrido Lucero´s clumsy remarks internationalize an issue of strict
internal jurisdiction," said Talahua, who asked the Executive to
apologize to "brother country" Venezuela.


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