[Marxism] France general strike threatened

Greg Dunkel gdunkel at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 19 20:08:06 MST 2006

AP, AFP, Libération, Le Monde, and France 2 (major national TV network) 
all reported that the unions are holding a meeting Monday to consider 
actions based on success of demonstrations last week.  We talked to a 
friend who lives a few blocks from the Sorbonne, which is most 
definitely blockaded along with 67 other public universities.

Bernard Thibault, who is secretary general of the CGT, was interviewed 
on France 2 and said that the unions should consider a general strike if 
the CPE law is not withdrawn before it goes into effect in April.  He 
got support from Jean-Claude Bailley, SG of Force Ouvrière tonight on 
France 2.

The PCF is holding its annual party conference starting either Tuesday 
or Wednesday of the coming week. Which will put some pressure on it not 
to cave.

Here is the URL for France 2


It is totally in French, generally has the past week archived and even 
if in French you can see some snippets of what happened.


rrubinelli wrote:
> will be there 3/26-29, in the meantime check out:
> http://www.stopcpe.net/cpe/

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