[Marxism] WSWS on the offensive against "Pabloites"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 20 09:25:59 MST 2006

Among the Pabloite revisionists, who played such a crucial role in
betraying the revolutionary developments in Latin America in the
1970s, there is a definite political continuity with the positions of
that period, when they embraced left nationalist movements, beginning
with Peronism and the MNR in Bolivia, and later Castroism and
guerrillaism. Then, as now, they rejected the necessity for a
conscious, independent revolutionary movement of the working class.
Now, they have become direct defenders and instruments of the
bourgeois state.

A case in point is the reaction to the election of Morales by a
Bolivian group called POR-Combate, affiliated to the Pabloite United
Secretariat. It recently issued a statement lamenting the fact that
the Bolivian Workers Confederation (COB) remained critical of Morales
and justifiably skeptical that he has any intention of fulfilling
demands for the nationalization of Bolivia's energy resources.

"It is necessary for the reformists and the revolutionaries, the
nationalists and the socialists to analyze and discuss together,
first of all about the role that the proletariat must play and what
alliances it can establish, then about the strategy for the taking of
power and the building of socialism," the group declares. "All the
rest is just errors and irrelevancies. Today, the forces of the MAS
and of the COB are unfortunately very far from the objectives laid
out by this document and this tactic."
This perspective of worshiping Castroism and Guevarism meant the
abandonment of any struggle to build revolutionary parties in the
working class and led to the physical destruction of Trotskyist cadre
and, ultimately, to catastrophic defeats for the Latin American
working class. The outlook put forward by these latter-day Pabloites
in relation to Venezuela is no different.

Thus, it laments the failure of the COB to fully integrate itself
into the bourgeois nationalist regime of Morales, who was recently
inaugurated following a world tour conducted to assure foreign
capital that his government could be counted upon to defend private
property and profit. Its perspective-that socialist revolutionaries
seek the approval of the national reformists, i.e., the
representatives of the bourgeoisie, as to what "role the proletariat
must play and what alliances it can establish"-is a clear
prescription for subordinating the Bolivian workers to capitalism and
paving the way for another betrayal and defeat.

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