[Marxism] Why doesn't anyone believe U.S. government witnesses?

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Mon Mar 20 09:45:58 MST 2006

Court orders Sri Lankan released after years in border jail
PETER PRENGAMAN, AP, Monday, March 20, 2006

SAN DIEGO (AP) - After more than four years in jail, Ahilan Nadarajah  
will soon gain the freedom he sought when he fled Sri Lankan  
government forces that he said pistol-whipped him, forced his head  
into a plastic bag with gasoline and left him hanging upside down for  

Since arriving in the United States in October 2001, Nadarajah has  
been detained on the same accusations that almost got him killed in  
Sri Lanka. He was suspected of being a member of the Liberation  
Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a separatist group listed as a terrorist  
organization by the U.S. State Department.

In a tersely worded 37-page decision, Judge Sidney R. Thomas said  
Nadarajah's detention is "unreasonable, unjustified and in violation  
of federal law." The decision went on to call the government's  
reading of a past decision, which it claimed allowed for prolonged  
detention, as "patently absurd."

. . .

In June and August of 2004, a "special agent" presented the  
government's case, based on State Department information and  
interviews with Sri Lankan experts.

The testimony included an informant's claim that Nadarajah and a  
female detainee and Tamil Tigers member had made a phone call from  
the detention facility in May 2003, allegedly ordering that someone  
in Canada be killed.

Asked how they could have made a call together at a gender-separated  
facility, the agent answered: "'I could only say that's what I wrote.  
I mean I, I don't know,'" the ruling said.


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