[Marxism] Richard Fidler and Marvin Gandall brave the cold

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Mon Mar 20 15:35:08 MST 2006

Here in Vermont there were smaller numbers at the anti-war rally.  But 
instead of having it in the usual place (Montpelier, the state capital), all 
the "usual suspects" and others went to Rutland, the state's 2nd biggest 
city which has a hardy band of activists but has never ever had much of a 
"movement" going back to the Sixties.  Good choice.  I have a sense from 
culling the news reports in the regional and local paper of lots of stuff 
like that happening in smaller and perhaps newer places all over the 
country, which is to the greater good.  Why so few turned out in the big 
cities like NYC, I don't know.


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